Volume 9, Issue 1, 2005

This issue presents a selection of papers from the WorkingonSafety.net 2nd Conference 31 Aug – 3 Sep, 2004, “Inspection, Insurance and Prevention”, where 300 experts from 38 countries convened at the BG Academy in Dresden, Germany.

Information about the International Network on the Prevention of Accidents and Trauma at Work is found at www.workingonsafety.net

The keynote presentation to the WOS2 is published as the Editorial for this issue.

Tore J Larsson
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Editorial - Cam Mustard, ScD, President and Senior Scientist, Institute for Work & Health, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Cooperation between insurance and prevention - Theoretical perspectives on the influence of insurance and of regulation on the protection of the health of workers.


  1. Hale, A.R , Bianchi G, Dudka, G., Hameister, W., Jones, R., Perttula, P.& Ytrehus I.
    Surveying the Role of Safety Professionals: objectives, methods and early results 
  2. Seiler, K., Ködel, W. & Lehmann , E.
    Experience with the Implementation of a Co-operation Network in Germany: An Innovative Approach to Hazardous Substances Management for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Kai
  3. Rauner, M.S., Harper, P., Shahani, A. & Schwarz, B.
    Economic impact of occupational accidents: Resource allocation for AUVA's prevention programs 
  4. Harper, P.R.
    Cost Calculating Tool (Kostenkalkulationstool)
  5. Harper, P.R.
    Patient Classification and the PORT Package
  6. Vogt, J. & Leonhardt, J.
    Increasing Safety by Stress Management

Short Communications:

  1. Boege, K. & Gehrke, A.
    Preventing Posttraumatic Stress - Psychological First Aid at the Workplace
  2. Larsson, T.J.
    Intervention against Traditional OHS Risks; Redesign and Process Modification of the Manufacturing of Plastic Bags 
  3. Steinberg, R.; Hannak, J. & Balakrishnan, K.
    Job-Hazards Profiling and Workplace Improvements in SMEs – Experiences from India