Volume 8, Issue 1, 2004

Editorial Chronicle David A. Sleet & Christine M. Branche, "Road Safety: a new public health priority.

This volume of the Safety Science Monitor includes papers on SARS, occupational skin disease in Japan and Korea, accident investigation techniques, and an Editorial on the priorities of road trauma prevention.

Tore J Larsson
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  1. Smith, D.R., Choi, J-W, Yu, D-S, Ki, M., Kubo, H & Yamagata, Z.
    A comparison of skin disease among nursing-home health care workers in Japan and Korea"
  2. Jacinto, C. & Aspinwall, E.
    WAIT (Part II) - Results of application in real accidents
  3. Jacinto, C. & Aspinwall, E.
    WAIT (Part III) - Preliminary validation studies"
  4. Lin, Y-C.
    Impact of an epidemic on the medical and economic systems - the case of SARS outbreak in Taiwan"