Volume 7, Issue 1, 2003

New original submissions – of interesting contributions to the science of safety – are very welcome.

Tore J Larsson
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1. I Prevention in Small and Medium Size Enterprises

  1. Roger Bibbings
    Strategy for Meeting the Occupational Safety and Health Needs of Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs) - A Summary of  RoSPA's Views
  2. Tore J. Larsson
    Is Small Business a Safety Problem?
  3. G. Campo, N. Mucci
    Processing Risk Profiles in the Italian Textile Sector - an Assessment of Occupational Accidents
  4. Teuvo Uusitalo, Päivi Mikkonen, Mervi Murtonen
    Development of a European Risk Management Internet Portal for SMEs

2. Short Communications

  1. Stefano Boy
    The prevention of accidents resulting from the use of machinery: today's experience and challenges for the future
  2. Alain Branca
    Prevention training for spouses and/or other assistants in very small firms (VSEs) in the building industry.

3. II Safety Culture

  1. Johnny Dyreborg, Kim Lyngby Mikkelsen
    Evaluation of an Accident Investigation Tool Using a Safety Perception Maturity Scale
  2. Anne Richter
    New ways of managing prevention - a cultural approach to participation

4. III Regulation and Promotion

  1. Alan Clayton
    Regulating Occupational Health and Safety: The Need for a New Paradigm
  2. A.R. Hale, T. Heijer, F. Koornneef
    Management of Safety Rules: the Case of Railways
  3. Tore J. Larsson
    Who Will Use Claims Data for the Prevention of Occupational Trauma?

5. Short Communications

  1. Robert Lang
    Promoting Safety in Switzerland - New Elements and Experiences with a National Safety Programme
  2. David Walters
    Sustaining Participative Approaches to Occupational Health and Safety in Small Enterprises: the Role of Trade Unions
  3. Mika Santonen
    Prioritising Occupational Safety - Occupational Accident Prevention Programme (2001 - 2005)

6. IV Risk Assessment and Strategies for Prevention

  1. L. Dellve, P. Allebeck , M. Hagberg,  B. Herloff, C. Karlberg, M. Lagerström
    Macro Socio-Economic Determinants of Occupational Injuries and Diseases Among the Total Workforce of Home Care Workers in Sweden
  2. Celeste Jacinto, Elaine Aspinwall
    Work Accidents Investigation Technique (WAIT) - Part I
  3. T.J. Larsson, J. Lambert, M. Wilde, G. Tully, H. Askew, W. Skinner, B. Carter, T. Martin, L. Kenningham
    Industrial Forklift Trucks - Dynamic Stability and the Design of Safe Logistics
  4. K.A. Kaminskas
    The Prevention of Trauma by Ergonomic Equipment in the Construction Industry

7. Short Communication

  1. Günter Kloß
    Trips, Slips and Falls in SMEs - Analysing Risks in the Meat Industry