Volume 5, Issue 1, 2001

New original submissions – of interesting contributions to the science of safety – are very welcome.

Tore J Larsson
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Editor's Chronicle


  1. Claire Mayhew & Michael Quinlan
    The effects of changing patterns of employment on reporting occupational injuries and making worker' compensation claims
  2. Margaret Best
    Manual handling risk management in health care using manutention
  3. Tore J. Larsson, Olle Bråfelt, Magnus Astervik & Eric Knutsson
    Prevention of injury association with rotating action machines
  4. Karin Torsteinsrud, Michel Normark & Tore J Larsson
    A national approach for prevention
  5. Short Communications
  6. Derek Richard Smith & Geoffrey Hitchings
    Occupational health and safety issues in contemporary nursing
  7. Xiaodong Tan, Yongyi Bi, Jun He, Yongjun Su & Fuyang Wang
    Occupational hazards identification and the exposure assessment in a Chinese viscose rayon plant
  8. Ken Hay
    Fractured Femur Equivalents - an alternative measure of safety