Volume 4, Issue 1, 2000

Criteria for Workplace Risk Assessment, Control and Prevention
This special issue of the Safety Science Monitor is a cyberconference. 

Special Issue Editors:
Tore J Larsson
Andrew R Hale

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Editor's Chronicle


  1. Tore J Larsson & Andrew R Hale
    Editor's Comments - Aspects of Risk Assessment, Control and Prevention
  2. Andrew Hale - Safety Science Group, Delft University of Technology, NL
    Railway safety management: the challenge of the new millennium
  3. George Rechnitzer - Monash University Accident Research Centre
    Risk Control Systems in Road Safety - Relevant Applications for the Prevention of Occupational Trauma
  4. Olle Bråfelt - IPSO Classification & Control AB, Sweden
    Tore J Larsson - Monash University Accident Research Centre, Australia

    Risk control in the shipping industry; relevant applications for the prevention of accidents
  5. Synnöve Ödegård - Doctoral candidate, Nordic School of Public Health, Gothenburg, Sweden
    Safety Management in Civil Aviation - A Useful Method for Improved Safety in Medical Care?
  6. Carl Rollenhagen - Swedish State Power Board, Nuclear Power Safety
    A framework for assessment of organisational characteristics and their influences on safety