Volume 3, Issue 1, 1999

Melbourne, February 1998
Volume 3, Special Issue of "Safety Science Monitor", July 1999

Tore J Larsson
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Editor's Chronicle

1. The Philosophy of Safety"

  1.  Jens Rasmussen, Denmark
    "The concept of human error: is it useful for the design of safe systems?"
  2. Gunnar Breivik, Norway
    "The quest for excitement and the safe society"
  3. Jan Hovden, Norway
    "Ethics and safety; ‘mortal’ questions for safety management"
  4. Ian Glendon, Australia
    "Management of risks by individuals and organisations"
  5. Espen Röysamb & Johannes Wiik, Norway
    "Patterns of risk behavior among adolescents: the role of self-efficacy and optimism"
  6. Heidi-Marguerite Bushell & Lenard I. Dalgleish, Australia
    "A comparison between safety instructions and payoff matrices at changing tendencies for using safe practices"
  7. Warren Harrison, Australia
    "The limited potential of training for learner drivers: A view from the psychologists' lab"

2. Management

  1. Bernhard Zimolong, Germany
    "Integrated safety management"
  2. Mette Dyhrberg, Anette Kamp, Christian Koch, Denmark
    "Intervention in multi-cultural organizations: prevention of accidents as political change processes"
  3. Kaija-Leena Saarela, Finland
    "Better safety at work through participative approaches"
  4. Heidi-Marguerite Bushell & Lenard I. Dalgleish, Australia
    "Assessment of risk by employees in hazardous workplaces"
  5. A. W. Zwaard, Netherlands
    "Relative ranking as an instrument in risk evaluation"
  6. Lance Kenningham, Australia
    "A scientifically based manual handling risk assessment checklist & guidelines; usability testing"
  7. U.K. Maheepala, E.R. Nichol, A.K. Takyi & B.J.C. Perera, Australia
    "Occupational health and safety aspects of an urban stormwater data acquisition program"
  8. M. Osama Jannadi, Saudi Arabia
    "Risks associated with trenching works in Saudi Arabia"
  9. Steven Dine, Australia
    "Occupational violence; a police perspective"
  10. David Rich, Australia
    "Cultural change on the farm"
  11. Kathy Haseloff, Australia
    "Teleworking - OH&S issues for employers"
  12. Noni Holmes, Australia
    "Safe bosses? Safe workers? Safety culture in small business construction industry businesses"
  13. Panayotis Loullis, Gregor Malich & Chris Winder, Australia
    "Development of a strategy designed for the implementation of the NSW hazardous substances regulation into small business"
  14. Geoff Dell, Australia
    "Safe place vs. safe person: A dichotomy, or is it?"

3. Occupational Hygiene

  1. Jerry D. Ramsey, USA
    "Limiting injury/illness at the hot workplace"
  2. Rick Brake, Michael Donoghue & Graham Bates, Australia
    "Management of heat stress in a hot, humid, underground environment"
  3. A.W. Zwaard, Netherlands
    "Control of solvent exposure in chemical laboratories"
  4. Malcolm Savage, Australia
    "Workers exposure to occupational noise within the high-rise construction industry"
  5. Colin Kestell & Colin Hansen, Australia
    "An overview of active noise control"

4. Road Safety

  1. Ingo Kallina, Germany
    "Main aspects in car safety"
  2. Andrea Costanzo, Giancarlo Graziani & Gennaro Orsi, Italy
    "Driving ergonomy; new methodology for the assessment of stresses on upper limbs"
  3. Hirosho Makishita & Miki Mutoh, Japan
    "Accidents caused by distracted driving in Japan"
  4. M. Carty, C. Stough & N. Gillespie, Australia
    "The psychological predictors of work accidents and driving convictions in the transport industry"
  5. Michael Hampson
    "Visibilty of police on roadways; a matter of life or death"

5. Sports and Exercise

  1. Bruce Elliott, Australia
    "Overuse injuries in sport; a biomechanical approach"
  2. Cheyne A. Sherman & Caroline Finch, Australia
    "The ideal golf swing: an evaluation of its mechanics and relationship to injury risk"
  3. Leonie Otago, Australia
    "Knee injuries and landings in Netball; an injury prevention saga"
  4. Geled Potts, New Zealand
    "A model for preventing rugby union and league injuries within new Zealand"

6. Trauma Epidemiology

  1. Synnöve Ödegård, Sweden
    "From punishment to prevention? Medical errors reported in Sweden in 1989 and 1993"
  2. R, Mitchell, T, Driscoll, B. Hull, S. Healey & J. Mandryk, Australia
    "Traumatic work-related fatalities involving mining in Australia, 1989-1992"
  3. T. Driscoll, R. Mitchell, B. Hull, J. Mandryk & S. Healey, Australia
    "Traumatic fatalities resulting from unpaid domestic work"
  4. Johannes Wiik & Marija Bulajic-Kopjar, Norway
    "Environmental risk factors for fall-related fracture in the home among community dwelling elderly people"