Volume 2, Issue 2, 1998

New original submissions – of interesting contributions to the science of safety – are very welcome.

Tore J Larsson
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Editor's Chronicle


  1. Papers from 'Workshop on Occupational Trauma – Measurement, Intervention and Control', December 14–16, 1998 Brussels, Belgium:Tord Kjellstrom
    "Approaches to Quantifying the Public Health Impact of Occupational Trauma"
  2. Paavo Kivisto
    "Government Role In Advancing Occupational Health And Safety"
  3. Harry Shannon
    "Evaluating the Effectiveness of Interventions for Occupational Trauma"
  4. George Rechnitzer, Tore J. Larsson, Barry Mantle
    "Strategic Occupational Injury Prevention Occupational Black Spots - Ballarat Region"
  5. Stefán Einarsson
    The Relationship Between Construction Contractors and their Clients in Petrochemical and Related Industries
  6. Geoff Dell
    "Airline Baggage Handler Back Injuries: A Survey of Baggage Handler Opinion on Causes and Prevention"
  7. Kay Wilson
    "The Manual Handling of Children: a 24-Hour Exposure"