Volume 11, Issue 3, 2007

The third International Conference Working on Safety, 12-15 September 2006 in Eemhof, the Netherlands, resulted in a large number of papers. Contributions, which have passed successful peer-review, are published in the present issue of the Safety Science Monitor.

Further papers from the WOS III will be found in Safety Science.

Tore J Larsson
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  1. Roeser, S.,
    "Ethical Intuitions about Risk"
  2. Angelica M. Vecchio-Sadus,
    "Enhancing safety culture through effective communication"
  3. Reinert, D., Flaspöler, E., Hauke, A. & Brun, E.,
    "Identification of emerging occupational safety and health risks"
  4. Zwetsloot G.I.J.M., Gort J., Zwanikken S., Steyger N., van der Vorm J., Gallis R. and Starren A.,
    "Safety in a complex world as the result of co-creation and co-learning by key agents - Towards a vision on living safety organisations"
  5. Boven, F.E. van,
    "Dependence in the ’’risk = probability * effect’’ model when applied to tropical cyclones making landfall"
  6. Wiig, S. and Aase, K,
    "Fallible humans in infallible systems? Learning from errors in health care"
  7. Frank Guldenmund,
    "Much Ado about Safety Culture"
  8. Paul Swuste,
    "Qualitative methods for occupational risk prevention strategies in safety, or Control banding – Safety"
  9. Walker, D.,
    "Evaluation of Partnerships for Health and Safety"