Volume 11, Issue 1, 2007

This issue – no 1 for 2007 - includes papers on the prevention of injury in theory and in empirical practice by researchers from Australia, France, USA, Norway and Sweden.

The Editorial theme for this issue is the complex task of limiting and preventing child labour. Readers are encouraged to contribute to the work in this field.

Tore J Larsson
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  1. Brooks, B.
    'The Pulley Model - A descriptive model of risky decision-making'
  2. Pâques, J-J.
    'Industrial machine safety: do the experts see the same risks?'
  3. Marks, R.
    'Fall injury characteristics among hip fracture cases living in the community: Implications for community-based falls preventive programs'
  4. Antonsen, S., Ramstad, L. S. & Kongsvik, T.
    'Unlocking the organization: Action research as a means of improving organizational safety'
  5. Dekker, S., Siegenthaler, D. & Laursen, T.
    'Six stages to the new view of human error'
  6. Lundberg, S.
    'The building infrastructure and home care'