Volume 10, Issue 1, 2006

Coherence in decisions on risk…

…was the theme of a NeTWork workshop in Blankensee, Germany, in June 2002, which generated some interesting discussions on the coherence of perspectives, methods and applications in various areas of decision-making in relation to risk.

This special issue of the Safety Science Monitor has been edited by Ben Ale and Tore J Larsson and presents the contributions to the workshop in extenso.

Welcome to the Safety Science Monitor, Vol 10, 2006.

Tore J Larsson
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Editorial - Bernard Wilpert


  1. Barry Kirwan
  2. Ben Ale, Phil Brighton, Michael Baram
    Risk Management
  3. Babette Fahlbruch, Bernard Wilpert, De Mol, Andrew Evans, Dick Taylor
    Bridging the Gap Between Experts and Stakeholders
  4. G. Morton, Steve Kinnersly, Bob Humbertson
    Air Traffic Management
  5. Gerhard Becker, J. Paries, Corinne Bieder, T. Heijer, A. Hale
    Special Challenges
  6. Ben Ale, Barry Kirwan
  7. References