Volume 1, Issue 2, 1997

New original submissions – of interesting contributions to the science of safety – are very welcome.

Tore J Larsson
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Editor's Chronicle


  1. H. Allan Hunt
    "Disability prevention and management of occupational trauma and disease: A North American perspective"
  2. Eileen McMahon
    "Culture changing campaigns in Victoria Australia - to reduce workplace injuries and return injured workers to normal working lives"
  3. Michihiro Kamijima, Eiji Shibata, Naomi Hisanaga, Yuichiro Ono, Tatsushi Ando, Hiromi Takagi, Yoshinori Gonda, and Yasuhiro Takeuchi
    "An analysis of occupational history of the patients with risk factors in their work"
  4. E. Petrova
    "System of treatment and prophylaxis of occupational lung diseases in the Republic of Bulgaria"
  5. Roger Stamm
    "BG measurement system: Hazardous substances and the exposure database MEGA"
  6. Janusz A. Indulski
    "Impediments to the utilization of the available information for reducing or eliminating occupational risks"