The language of the Safety Science Monitor is English.

Manuscripts should be forwarded to the Editor via electronic mail or on computer disc. Any format possible to read by the Microsoft Word/Excel software can be used. Tables and graphs should be sent as separate files (video clips must be submitted as .MPEG files), and the manuscript should indicate their location.

The manuscript should be headed by the name or names of the author and their affiliation. In the case of co-authors, it should be clearly indicated which author is the correspondent. An abstract of 200 - 400 words should follow and include a short summary of objectives, methods used, results and conclusions.

The overall length of a manuscript should normally not exceed 20 A4 pages of text, thus conforming to the standards of a scientific journal. However, more extensive manuscripts and monographs can also be published, if they conform with the aims and scope of the Safety Science Monitor.

Shorter communications, reviews, letters or critique are always welcome.

Send your contribution to:

Safety Science Monitor
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