Aims & Scope

The Safety Science Monitor provides a forum for debate, reviews and communication between academics and professionals in the fields of safety.

All submissions to the Safety Science Monitor are subjected to peer-review. Reviewers are recruited within the academic field of safety science with a variety of disciplinary backgrounds - psychology, engineering, human factors, ergonomics, sociology, anthropology, physiotherapy, medical technology.

The Safety Science Monitor covers the broad area of human safety and will seek to publish any papers in relation to

  • the prevention of injuries at work, on the road, in sports, in recreational and daily life,
  • the development of methods to contain, control and eliminate injury risks,
  • the education, on the prevention of injuries, of those that are exposed to and of those that expose others to injury risks,
  • the application of injury prevention solutions from one area of exposure to another, or from one region or country to another.

The Safety Science Monitor is particularly aimed at tertiary level students in the fields of safety, who are encouraged to submit their original papers, dissertations and theses for publication.

The Safety Science Monitor is published with the support of:

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Issue 1  

Welcome to the Safety Science Monitor, issue 1 and 2 of 2013,  the 17th year of publication.

Issue 1 presents a selection of scientific contributions to the WorkingonSafety Conference, Sopot, Poland 11-14 September 2012.

Issue 2

Tore J Larsson

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